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Top Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Sometimes it seems like it’s the most delicious foods and drinks that inevitably stain your teeth. White teeth contribute to a brilliant, healthy-looking smile. However, it can be hard to keep your teeth white as you age when there are so many tempting foods that leave an indelible mark on your mouth. Fortunately, there are a number of teeth whitening procedures that can keep your smile bright - as long as you’re willing to pay the price. Before committing to professional teeth whitening, check out this list of foods that may be causing your stained teeth. See if you can bring yourself to give them all up, even for the sake of a brighter smile.

Foods that Stain Teeth

Citrus: Oranges, lemons, tomatoes, and all their associated juices can leave a yellowish stain on teeth because they strip the outer layer of enamel away.

Coffee and Tea: Dark, caffeinated beverages strip the enamel of your teeth similarly to citrus, and also leaves dark-colored stains behind.

Sweets and Soda: Sugary foods cause the bacteria in your mouth to swarm, releasing harmful acids that can damage and discolor your teeth.

Wine: Both red and white wine can cause staining, though the grayish color left behind by red wine can be harder to remove.

Berries and Pomegranates: Dark-colored fruit can leave its mark on teeth as well. If a fruit causes a stain that is hard to remove from fabric, chances are that it is going to be hard to remove from teeth as well.

Whitening Options

There are a number of different options for those who want whiter teeth. You can attempt to whiten at home using baking soda or whitening strips. However, if the stains on your teeth are more serious, you may have better results getting your dentist to do a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Find out more about how to get whiter teeth. Contact the office of our dentists in Menomonie, WI today to schedule a consultation.

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