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Dental Patient Testimonials - Menomonie, WI

"I like Trimble Dental because the staff is very friendly and very helpful. Dr. Trimble talked over possible treatment plans with me and I decided to go with Fastbraces! I was very skeptical in the beginning because I’ve never heard of such a thing. Here I am a week shy of six months and my teeth look and feel amazing."
Nicholle Kinney
"I had dentures since high school. None of the dentists I had seen before did implants nor ever told me about implants. I can now eat whatever I want- apples, steak, whatever. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve done this years ago."
Jack, Durand
"One of the biggest things was no longer having a partial plate, which meant I didn’t have to excuse myself after eating out to remove any food that caught beneath the plate, which was inconvenient, uncomfortable and unpleasant to do. And now, I simply brush my teeth and go to bed. Life is simple again."
Dianne Weston
"My husband had dentures since he was 14. They would move all the time. He’s now 68. I can’t believe how gorgeous his smile is. He can now chew with his implants as if they were his own teeth."
Connie, Jim Falls
"I talk for a living. Prior to the implants, with the plate, as the day went on, my speech was no longer clear. With the implants, that problem is history. He’s as close to painless as it gets. His personality is what made me choose Dr. Trimble. So many doctors can have a manner that isn’t down to earth. Bruce is."
Donna Hudson
"I came because my teeth weren’t fitting right. Other dentists didn’t do what I needed or I had to go to various different areas to get all the necessary procedures. I’m so glad I took this chance. I have never worked with anyone who went to the extremes that Dr. Trimble goes to get something perfect."
Beverly, Elmwood
“Trimble Dental did a great job working w/ my kids. My boys were very scared to come and get cavities filled. The staff did a great job explaining the process and keeping them calm. The TV’s and the massage chairs were very relaxing. They were willing to accommodate my boys and work with them. Thank you.”
Avery & Keedan Lund
“We have been associated with the Trimble Dental Family for 50+ years. We have always been treated well and with professional people. This new office is awesome and we look forward to continuing our dental services here. Thank you for everything you have done for us!”
Judith Ann Kahl
“Wonderful new building- great staff to help you on the phone and in person. Dr. Trimble in my opinion is the best dentist I have ever been to. He is most caring for your comfort during work being done and follows up after. Very honest about your options for work needed etc. Great Guy!”
Judy K. Binkowski
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