Dealing with advanced gum disease every day can make even the simple things in life, such as eating, drinking and speaking, uncomfortable. Many people do not realize how important gum health is and only focus on keeping their teeth healthy. This lack of awareness means there are more people than ever who may be suffering from the early stages of periodontitis. Our dentists in Eau Claire, WI, help patients evaluate the health of their gums and gives them options for treatment. The end result for many of our cases is stronger teeth and an improved outlook. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you should be checking for if you are concerned about periodontitis.

Stinky Breath

One embarrassing symptom of gum disease that you may not even realize you have is bad breath. If you are hiding your bad breath’s odor with a temporary fix like mouthwash, you may need a better solution that focuses on your gum health.


Diseased gums can be sensitive when you brush your teeth. If you see blood in the sink every time you brush your teeth, there may be a problem with the condition of your gums.


Sore or tender gums are another strong sign that you may have an early case of periodontitis. Your gums may also appear swollen and redder than the average healthy set of gums.

Loose Teeth

If your gum problems are not treated right away, the condition can get worse. Periodontitis may also be accompanied by loose teeth and a receding gum line. This leads to an increased risk of tooth loss and even more discomfort.

If you have experienced one or more of these signs, it is imperative to seek treatment right away. In many cases, we can start you on a treatment plan that reverses this condition and gives you a healthy smile again. Contact us today for more information.