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3 Ways Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

Being frustrated by the condition of their teeth is a common problem affecting many patients we see in our office each day. You may have lost a tooth years ago and are embarrassed by your gap-toothed smile, or you may have multiple missing teeth that make smiling difficult. Dr. Bruce Trimble and Dr. Michelle Parker recommend you consider getting dental implants instead of suffering through each day ashamed of your mouth. When you are searching for an Eau Claire dentist with experience in placing implants, you will find our names at the top of the list. Here are the three ways your life could improve with this type of tooth restoration.

1. The Absence of Pain

Patients with missing or problem teeth often have been suffering from oral pain throughout their life. This might be in the form of sore or aching gums, sensitivity when eating cold or hot foods or even soreness when chewing. Some patients have found relief with dental implants and are able to enjoy eating their favorite foods again.

2. A Whole New You

It is also possible to discover a whole new you after implant surgery. The look of healthy, white teeth from implants can make your face look years younger in an instant. You may also have a lot more reasons to smile and feel more confident each day.

3. A Healthier Outlook

Our implant solutions could also lead to an overall improvement in your oral health. Ignoring missing teeth could cause more bone loss and problems with your remaining teeth and gums. When we fill in the gaps and restore your natural smile, your gums get a better chance of improving, and your remaining teeth are more likely to stay in place.

If you are thinking about giving implants a chance, call our office today. Our team can help you decide if this tooth restoration service could benefit your lifestyle, health and the way you look.

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8 comments on “3 Ways Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life”

  1. Thank you for pointing out that patients that suffer from missing teeth often have been suffering pain throughout their life. This is the case for my grandfather and I think he should get dental implants to help him deal with the pain. I'll have to look into finding the best dentist to do his procedure in our area.

  2. I Read your blog it’s really very informative you are the one of the best dentist who discuss dental implementation in such a great way Thanks your blog help me a lot more

  3. Hi there!
    Greetings for the day !
    I stumbled across your blog a few days before while searching for tips to improve my lifestyle, as I had a dental implant a month back.I just wanted to say that I have found your articles very helpful. The article had answers to each question, can now bring a positive change dentist in Delhi

  4. I didn't know that missing teeth could result in sore gums and extra sensitivity. I'm sure dental implants can help a lot with that, not just cosmetic reasons. It seems like they could help a lot with your dental health overall.

  5. I loved what you said about how you can discover a whole new you after implant surgery. I have bad genetics from my dad's side and several of my teeth are doing poorly, so I'm considering replacing them. Thank you for the information about how the look of healthy, white teeth can make your face younger looking and give you more reasons to smile daily.

  6. Thanks for explaining how dental implants can allow a patient to get rid of pain and sensitivity. My teenage son has sensitive teeth, and it just won't go away. That's a shame because he really loves ice cream. I will be sure to take him to the dentist to figure out if dental implants will do him some good.

  7. I didn't know that dental implants can help alleviate pain. I can only imagine what a terrible toothache was like. I know if I had one, I would look into dental implants.

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