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Reasons for Menomonie Cosmetic Dentistry: Discoloration, Cracks or Chips

There are several dental products or areas that may be utilized based on both practical oral care needs and the personal desires of the patient in question, and many forms of cosmetic dentistry are a great example. Referring to products like fillings, crowns, bridges and even forms of teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry is a wide-ranging area -- one that's sometimes utilized due to a specific oral care need, but also will often simply be desired by the patient despite no such specific needs.

At Trimble Dental, we're here to assist both these groups in all such situations. We offer the very best cosmetic dentistry and other dental services in Menomonie and other parts of Wisconsin, whether a dental issue requires such solutions or you're simply looking for an improvement to your smile and self-confidence. In this two-part blog series, we'll go over the most common signs that cosmetic dentistry might be the right choice for you -- signs that are pulled from both these settings.

reasons cosmetic dentistry discoloration

Tooth Discoloration

Perhaps the single most common reason for cosmetic dentistry solutions like teeth whitening and others, tooth discoloration can be both a practical and aesthetic concern for your smile. Tooth discoloration or stains can come from a number of sources, whether dietary choices, smoking or other habits that stain the teeth.

In terms of aesthetic appearance, discoloration can have a negative impact on your self-confidence and overall happiness about your smile -- especially if the stains aren't being addressed. This is why many in this position will kill two birds with one stone, eliminating bacteria and other stain causes while also removing the stains in question for a better smile.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

While teeth certainly don't look great if they've been cracked or chipped, the far larger concern here in most cases is the effect this may have on your dental health. While many in these situations may initially only need a restoration, such as bonding or crowns, it's often suggested that they go through with more comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions to ensure their teeth are out of harm's way overall.

For example, while simply doing dental bonding can be fine for non-sensitive teeth, other options like full-on porcelain veneers may be a wiser option for teeth that are more sensitive or that have already required dental bonding in the past. Keep this in mind as you make your decision, and always consult with your dentist if you're unsure.

Of course, it helps that through the use of cosmetic dentistry, your smile will look much better in the process -- and if you're already looking for a reason to make the change, this is a great one.

For more on possible signs that you might require cosmetic dentistry, or to learn about any of our cosmetic dentistry, dental implants or other general dentist services in Menomonie or other parts of Wisconsin, speak to the staff at Trimble Dental today.

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