Here at Trimble Dental, we’re used to treating a variety of dental conditions. Overtime, we’ve gained experience in modern techniques as well as patient care. One thing we’ve noticed are the vast number of myths circulating around dentistry.

We know that some dental myths are quite discouraging and may push many to avoid their dental appointments all together. In order to avoid deteriorating dental health, let’s debunk some of these popular myths:

  1. Cavity-fillings hurt : This is an enduring myth that has done a lot of damage. It causes apprehension that can allow a minor dental health issue to become a serious problem. Most modern dentist’s offices offer leading technology and custom sedation dentistry that most common dental procedures are painless and offer little or no discomfort.
  2. Brushing your teeth keeps the dentist away : Not really. Not brushing will lead to tooth decay, but brushing is no alternative to regular dentist’s appointments. In fact, if you over brush, you risk wearing down the protective enamel of your teeth or causing gum recession. Regularly seeing a professional dental clinician will help you attack the hard-to-reach places in your mouth where plague builds up and helps you catch early signs of gum recession, gum disease and oral cancer.
  3. Teeth whitening damages the teeth : A half-truth, at best. Whitening can damage your teeth if done poorly. If performed by a professional dentist with professional whitening materials, you can enjoy damage-free whitening and a bright smile.
  4. Removing wisdom teeth when you’re young is beneficial : Just because someone you know had issues with wisdom teeth doesn’t mean that you will. Many people have no wisdom tooth-related issues. Don’t automatically assume removal to be the only option. Allow yourself to be guided by your dentist.
  5. Dental x-rays are dangerous and unnecessary : Dental x-rays are not only safe but essential for your overall dental health. They allow your dentist to detect and guide your dental health program.

At Trimble Dental, we want the best for your oral and overall health. We know that having healthy teeth starts with you. We encourage you to maintain regular visits to ensure we’re able to support and maintain your dental health.

If you are worried about your teeth or visiting your dentist in Menomonie, WI, we are happy to put outdated myths to rest so that you can get the help you need.