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How Does Sedation Dentistry Benefit Me or My Family?

Many people joke about all the things they’d rather do than go to the dentist. Even actor Johnny Depp once noted that he tended to “postpone” dental appointments. However, for most individuals who avoid heading to the dentist in Menomonie, WI, their fear is no laughing matter.

Plenty of kids, teens and adults experience real, legitimate anxiety when they’re visiting a dentist. Research tells us there can be numerous reasons behind their dental fears:

  • They might have had a bad trip to a dentist in Menomonie, WI, when they were much younger.
  • They might be highly sensitive to the sights, smells, sounds and sights at a typical dentist’s office.
  • They might be embarrassed because their teeth and gums are in poor condition.
  • They might feel anxious to go out in public in general because of their appearance or a pre-existing psychological condition.
  • They might have a strong gag reflex.
  • They might not like the looks of needles.
  • They might have trouble sitting still for longer periods.
  • They might have a general distrust of doctors or professionals.

In other words, if you get cold sweats or lightheaded at the thought of being at the dentist, you’re not alone. You also don’t need to keep putting off your upcoming visit because modern offices like ours offer sedation dentistry choices.

Sedation dentistry uses different types of safe medicines and processes to help you or your loved one get through a dental appointment. For instance, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation and local anesthetics (numbing gels, creams, etc.). Each type of sedation dentistry is chosen specifically for the patient’s emotional needs and preferred appointment outcomes.

Even if you’re hesitant to visit a dentist in Menomonie, WI, we invite you to call us. We’ll be happy to change the way you feel about keeping your mouth in the best possible shape for a lifetime.

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