If your kids are in need of braces, there is no time like summertime to get the ball rolling. This is particularly true when you opt for Fastbraces®, an innovative orthodontic treatment method that offers all the benefits of traditional braces within a quick and reasonable time-frame.

Because Fastbraces® often work within as few as 20 weeks, having them put on shortly before summer break means you can time their removal to coincide with a return to school or shortly thereafter, giving your child the added boost of confidence they need to start the year off right. Here is a look at why summer is an ideal time for Fastbraces®, courtesy of Dr. Bruce Trimble.

It Gives Your Child Time to Adjust

It can take some time to adjust to orthodontic procedures, and waiting until school is done (or nearly done) lessens the chances the pain or soreness that sometimes coincide with this adjustment period will affect your child’s education.

Early Intervention is Key

It is wise to have Fastbraces® put on as soon as it is deemed necessary, because intervening early is your best bet at effectively fixing problems such as overbites, underbites or crooked teeth. Often, schedules are more flexible in the summertime than they are during the school year, so it is smart to get the process started as soon as you can to avoid taking time out of school or unnecessarily delaying important treatments.

It Can Soften the Blow of Returning to the Classroom

Just as you may get your kids new haircuts, clothes or shoes for back-to-school, having a new smile can make a considerable difference when it comes time to return to the classroom. In addition to helping your child feel better about his or herself, getting the process over with, or close to over with, before school begins reduces the chances of your child experiencing soreness or pain while enhancing his or her overall self-esteem.

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