Although the adult mouth is home to 32 permanent teeth, most Americans over the age of 65 have significantly less than that. Statistics show that most individuals only have 18.90 teeth after reaching the elderly years, and those between the ages of 20 and 64 only have on average 24.92 teeth. This illustrates the fact that through injury, disease or some other condition, many adults are losing teeth they don’t want to lose.

Permanent teeth do more than make your smile look great. They also serve as placeholders in your mouth to keep the other teeth in place. When they are missing, the mouth and jaw can shift to a point that is almost unrecognizable. Fortunately, dental implants in Menomonie, WI are a valuable treatment plan that can solve this problem.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

If you have missing teeth in the back of the mouth and they aren’t noticeable, why should you replace them? Replacing teeth gives you a better, more comfortable bite, prevents the sinking in where a tooth is missing, and also offers overall better oral health. Bone resorption and bone loss are common in those who are missing teeth, and dental implants help you to avoid these problems.

Dental Implants and Dentures

Many adults turn to dentures when they have lost teeth, but these do little more than put a Band-Aid on the larger issue. With dental implants, the root of the tooth is replaced in order to hold the jawbone and keep it from moving. Implants essentially act as your natural tooth as your mouth changes over time.

Good candidate for implants are typically those who are in good health and don’t smoke. If you have any missing teeth due to gum disease or other injury, implants may be a valuable treatment option for you.

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