If you are considering cosmetic dentistry in Eau Claire, WI, there are many things that you should know. For many people, when they hear the word cosmetic dentistry, they instantly think of procedures such as teeth whitening, bridges, and crowns, but these are only a few of the procedures performed in this unique and dynamic field of dentistry. There are many equally impactful, yet less noticeable, procedures that help restore functioning to your teeth. These procedures do not produce visible results, but the majority of patients find it easier to eat, drink, and chew after receiving them. One such procedure involves dental implants, which will allow you to replace and/or strengthen missing or damaged teeth.


The Impact of Dental Implants


Contrary to popular belief, all cosmetic dental procedures do not enhance the appearance of your smile. Dental implants are one of those procedures, but they can help restore your oral health. These implants will serve as roots for your missing, damaged, or infected teeth. These roots can also provide your gums with stimulation, ensuring that your existing teeth and bone structure have a nourishing environment to develop in. Implants can also serve as anchors for the following:


·         Dentures

·         Crowns

·         Bridges


Bridges and Crowns


After receiving implants, many patients elect to receive crowns or bridges. Both of these dental fixtures are manufactured from a material called Zirconia, which allows them to stand up to even the most demanding foods. Zirconia is attached to your dental implants, allowing them to function properly and blend in with your natural teeth. This means that you will no longer have to struggle to eat foods such as corn, apples, or candy. Your bridges or crowns will be custom designed to fit your mouth, finally allowing you to have the smile of your dreams.


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